In our experience, a well designed financial structure leads to the best placement, the lowest financing cost and the lowest risk of execution.

Our breadth of renewable energy experience coupled with the depth of transactional experience allows us to successfully advise on the financing of projects. In addition, the key to our success is our ability to listen closely to our clients and to put their interests first. RLR Consultants offers a wide array of consulting services in connection with structuring and financing renewable energy and low emission / carbon neutral projects. RLR Consultants’ services include:

  • Determining and prioritizing the client’s objectives
  • Understand the client and its needs
  • Screen the attributes of the project
  • Suggest alternative structures
  • Model and compare alternatives
  • Analyze the cash, tax and accounting effects
  • In-depth transaction structuring
  • Extensive modeling and analytical support
  • Powerful in-depth partnership modeling – leveraged and unleveraged
  • Include “what if” and sensitivity options
  • Use in-house and third-party lease software
  • Verification of third-party models
  • Tax equity structuring and placement
  • Extensive modeling of partnerships
  • Well versed in ITC, PTC and Cash Grant issues
  • Knowledgeable in leveraged partnerships
  • Sale / leaseback structuring and placement
  • Leveraged leases
  • Single investor leases
  • Inverted leases
  • Long term, non-recourse debt structuring and placement
  • Fixed-rate private placements
  • Floating-rate bank transactions with rate hedges
  • US Government guaranteed transactions
  • Construction debt structuring and placement
  • Bank facilities
  • Mini-perms
  • Pre-COD long term private placement facilities
  • Strategic equity placement
  • Strategic corporate investors
  • Green fund investors
  • Early stage as well as later stage investments
  • Transaction management from conception through documentation and closing
  • Begin with determining and prioritizing the objectives
  • Model possible solutions
  • Ensure project data is sound and supports the embedded assumptions
  • Advise client regarding the selection of the preferred structure based on current market conditions and a detailed financial model
  • Assist the client on the Information Memorandum
  • Consult on transaction marketing; answer questions from investors
  • Analyze bids
  • Consult with clients during the negotiation of a term sheet
  • Support clients during negotiation of documentation, ensuring the model and the documents remain compatible
  • Assist the clients during the preparation of closing funds flow memorandum and the actual closing


While RLR Consultants does not give legal, tax or accounting advice, we do work closely with our clients’ counsel and accounting firm to ensure a sound, well thought-out financial structure.


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